The Story

While we have already established that the ultimate goal of Autopilot is to generate leads and produce revenue, along the way we noticed that a very interesting “side effect” was occurring with ALL of our active members. The large number of profile visits was quickly moving them to the top position in their field and one of the top positions among their connections (whether they had 1,000 or 10,000).

instant credibility and authority linkedin autopilot

While not the goal, it’s a good thing. It helps you appear at the top of the search results when someone searches LinkedIn for professionals in a specific field. You end up at the top, which brings you instant credibility and authority in the eyes of the person performing the search.

my linkedin success storyHere’s “The Story”


He started in the 68th position for the number of profile views among his network of 1,685 connections.

01 - before using the tool - linkedin who's viewed profile
Before implementing the Autopilot process for himself.

After implementing this wonderful LinkedIn lead generation system for just one day, he jumped to position #38, which landed him among the top 3% for profile views among his connections.

02 - after one day of using the tool
One day after using Autopilot.

After using this amazing LinkedIn marketing tool for two days, he ended up in  the 24th position, which got him to the top 2% among his connections.

03 - after two days of using the tool
Two days after using Autopilot.

In the first week alone, he received 643 views to his profile, most of which are people who got a notification in their “Who’s Viewed My Profile section of their LinkedIn account.

Position 8 of 1717 connections
Position 8 of 1717 connections after 7 days of practicing the Autopilot marketing tactic.

Finally, after two weeks of using Autopilot, he reached Position #1 out of all of his 2,023 connections on LinkedIn.

Position 1 of 2023
Position 1 of 2,023

He had gone from receiving under 20 profile views per week to getting 500+ views per week by sticking to the Autopilot principles once every day.

linkedin who viewed my profile - visit chart graph
He had gone from receiving under 20 profile views per week to getting 500+ views per week by setting aside a few minutes every day dedicated to practicing the Autopilot methodology.

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Still with us, huh? We must have your attention. The next step is to show you How To Use The System (but for that, you first need to become a member by subscribing for free two week trial).

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