User Guide: Startup Checklist

linkedin profile settings checklist

Follow this checklist of recommendation to be sure you get the most out of Autopilot:

  • Check Your Privacy & Settings Options

    Check your privacy settings, here: to ensure the “Select What Others See When You’ve Viewed Their Profile” options is set to “Your name and headline”.

  • Open Up Your Activity Broadcasting Settings

    Turn on your activity broadcasts, here: By selecting this option, your activity updates will be shared in your activity feed. Let people know when you change your profile or make recommendations. Select who can see your activity feed: Select “Everyone” from the “who can see your activity feed” dropdown box.

  • Allow Everyone to View Your Profile Photo

    Go here: to change the visibility of your profile photo to “Everyone” by hovering over the small, grey lock icon below your photo.

  • Open Up Your Communications Settings

    Select the types of messages you want to receive: Select the “Introductions, InMail and Open Profile messages” option under the “Messages” section. Select all of the checkboxes under the “Opportunities” section: Career opportunities, Expertise requests, Consulting offers, Business deals, New ventures, Personal reference requests, Job inquiries, & Requests to reconnect. Fill out the “Advice to people who are contacting you” field and and your email address and phone number if you’d like.

  • Consider Upgrading to Business Plus

    Keep in mind that the Basic (free) and Job Seeker LinkedIn subscriptions are very limiting. Upgrading to a Premium LinkedIn subscription, like “Business Plus“, for $60 USD/month, is the best option, no matter what industry you are in. Try LinkedIn’s free one-month Premium Upgrade trial. You can cancel it the same day you subscribe, if you’d like, and you’ll still be able to use the trial for the entire 30 days. (Do not choose the Job Seeker plan, because it is does not allow unlimited monthly searches).

    Also, you need to understand the difference  between the various other plans LinkedIn offers, like “LinkedIn Recruiter” and “Sales Navigator”. They are completely separate login areas and are not the same as your personal profile subscription.

  • Daily Engagement

    Ensure you are engaging with your connections on a daily basis by posting short Updates (serious, funny, thought-provoking, images, photos, text, etc). Don’t rely too heavily on Autopilot to do all the work for you. Remember, Updates do not show up in the notifications area, but Posts do! (See below). Also, remember to like, share or comment on others’ Updates and Posts that you see in your news feed.

  • Publishing Posts

    Be sure to publish long-form Posts on a weekly basis. “Posts” are different than “Updates”. This is not to be used for promoting your products or announcing sales. It is an opportunity for you to be seen as a thought leader. Take a half an hour or an hour to write something meaningful and be sure to include a large graphic at the top and at least one other graphic inside the actual content area of the Post.

  • Visiting Profiles

    When visiting profiles, try varying your searches from day to day and week to week. Don’t just target the same demographics every day. Go outside of your local region or expand into broader demographics or other niches in order to diversify. It is about getting quality visits to your profile, however, it helps to maintain your position in the rankings when visiting fresh profiles because more unique people will return the visit to your profile.

  • Endorsing

    Whether it is the first thing or the last thing you do every day, endorsing helps you to get noticed by your 1st connections. Use this especially in conjunction with when you publish a long-form Post, to help you get even more attention to your profile and more readership to your Posts.